Richard Cobb has been a member of the ACS since 1994.

Honors: ACS Fellows, 2017; ACS Volunteer Service Award, 2017; Northeast Region, ACS Volunteer Award, 2006; Special Recognition Award, Division of Chemical Technicians, ACS, 2005, 2002; Rochester Section Award, ACS 2005, 2001, “Salutes to Excellence” Award, ACS Rochester Section, 2004; ACS Special Recognition Award, 1997

Professional Positions: Eastman Kodak Company, Research Associate, Materials & Media Design Division and Division Health, Safety & Environmental Coordinator, 1969-2011 (retired)

Service in ACS Offices: Member ACS since 1994. Rochester Section: Treasurer, 1995-97, Secretary, 2005, Councilor, 2008-2019, 1999-2003, Chair-Elect, 2006, Chair, 2007, Alternate Councilor, 2004, 1998-99; Northeast Region, Vice-Chair, 2005-2013, Chair, 2014-2015; 32nd Northeast Regional Meeting Chair, 2003-2004; Northeast Regional Meeting On-Site Coordinator, 2011-2012; Northeast Regional Meeting on-Site Coordinator, 2018-2022 (meeting scheduled for 2020 was postponed until 2022); Business Development & Management Division: Chair-Elect, 2014, Chair, 2015

ACS National Service: Committee on Committees (C on C), 2017-2022, Membership Affairs Committee Liaison from C on C, 2017-2021; Committee on International Activities Liaison from C on C, 2019-2021; Committee on Membership Affairs, Member and Chair, 2008-2010, Committee Associate and Chair-Designate, 2007; Committee on Nominations and Elections, Member, 2011-2016, Chair, 2014-2016; Committee on Science, Liaison from C on C, 2017-2018; Council Policy Committee, Member ex-official (Nonvoting), 2014-2016, 2008-2010.Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members, Member ex official, 2008-2009, Member, 2010; Division of Chemical Technicians, Member, 1997-2003, Councilor, 2007-2009, Chair-Elect, 1996, Chair, 1997; Admissions Committee, Member, 2002-2007, Consultant, 2008, Committee Associate, 2000-2001, Chair 2003-2005; Instructor: ACS Leadership Development courses “Coaching and Feedback”; “Collaborating Across Boundaries”; “Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue”

Member:  ACS Division: Business Management (BMGT)

Related Activities:  Member of the Perkins grant’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) / Rochester Institute of Technology Local Advisory Committee (LAC)