Character is the foundation of a true leader

In running for District I Director, I think it is vital that the members within the District have a full understanding of things I believe need to be changed within the Society and an idea of what I’d like to champion if elected as your District I Director.

In this my third Policy Statement, I want to cover a key trait that comes out of the “Extraordinary Leader” course, taught as part of the ACS Leadership Institute.   In this course, one can receive input from ACS colleagues, ACS Leaders, and colleagues on their individual leadership traits and skills.

In my opinion, the one input of most interest should be “character” – this is a trait we should all focus on as we elect the leadership of the Society. Far too often, our support may be based on a few things that do not reflect a person’s character:

  • Who we know,
  • Who is from our Local Section,
  • What their degree is and what it is in, and
  • The presentations they make

Instead, I would offer up that the key focus should be on “character”.  This includes:

  • Did they do what they said they’d do,
  • Did they “walk the talk” or do they simply tell others what they should do,
  • Did they follow up on questions and concerns presented to them,
  • Did they take the time to know the member to bringing forth a question or concern so they could align the answer to their situation, and
  • Did they admit when they could not follow through or answer a question or concern

I was indeed delighted to receive a survey result of 95% positive in the ranking of my character in the Extraordinary Leader course.  And I have tried to live up to what I fight for, such as:

When as Chair of the ACS Admission Committee, I felt it was a duplication of effort with the Membership Affairs Committee.  As much as I have talked about ending territorialism and duplication of effort, I led the fight that dissolved the Admissions Committee and made it a Subcommittee of the Membership Affairs Committee.

As a Member of the Division Of Chemical Technicians, the general consensus of the membership was that it did not do technicians any good to sit in a room talking to each other as technicians, but it made more sense to get technicians out into other ACS Divisions based on their profession and not position.  Thus I joined in the effort that dissolved the Division of Chemical Technicians.

Earlier this year, I led the fight to open up our Committee system and place the multitude of committee names and terms into one name with consistent terms – and where one did not need to be a Councilor to serve on a particular committee.

So, I am willing to take on the hard fights to do the right thing.  I am willing to break down the ACS bureaucracy in order to build up the members and the quality of membership.  And I hope my record proves this.

So, what would I like to do next?  I would seek to eliminate the six (6) ACS Election Districts and return the subdivisions to the tile of “Regions”.  The present regions would then maintain their Regional Boards and run Regional Meetings.  I would then push to add four (4) new regions for our international members:

  • The Americas (Canada, Central and South America),
  • Europe,
  • Mid-East and Africa, and
  • Asia / Pacific Basin

The benefits from the elimination of the ACS Election Districts are covered in my Policy Statement #1.

And, along with character, good 2-way communications are a trait of a good leader – and I have always worked hard to answer any question and respond to any idea in a timely and open way.  That will not change should I have a role to play on the Board of Directors – a pledge I make to every member of the society, within or outside of District I.

As I noted in my position statement, I am not running for a “seat” on the Board – that seat is not mine to sit in.  That seat belongs to you – each individual member within District I. 

I have always felt that my success within the Society will not be based on the positions I held, but rather the difference I made.  Actions speak louder than words, and my word is my pledge to you.

Join me in making 2022 the first step on a new path forward for the ACS!