One of the best benefits of ACS membership is is enhancing your opportunity.
Here are various ways we can accomplish this.

  • Improving employability of chemists
    • Establish collaborations between industry and academia to help prepare students with an improved safety mindset for their post-academic careers
    • Offer tools they need to strengthen their potential and marketability
    • Keep Leadership Courses up-to-date so they meet the professional development needs of our members
    • Keep ACS Career Services up to date with training in interviewing, employment seeking, resume writing, etc. that matches today’s industry and reality.
  • Industry membership
    • Open communications between governance, staff, Divisions, Local Sections, etc.
    • Track outreach activities and programs for industrial chemists and promote collaborative efforts between the ACS identities to prevent waste from overlap or worse, competing programs.
    • Seek out the needs of industrial workers through Town Hall Meetings at Regional Meetings held in key industrial areas
    • Expand our vision beyond “pure chemistry” and show that we openly welcome and support those involved in any form of science. Our focus needs to be more visionary and less territorial.
  • Member Retention:
    • Fine-tuning membership levels and benefits to individual member needs.
    • In favor of novel dues options for member retention: i.e. offer EVERY new member 50% off  of their first year’s dues, 40% off second year, 30% off third year, etc. A member would be in their sixth year before paying full dues. This aligns with the study that found that if a member stayed for 5 years, they tended to remain members.
    • Figure out the “whys” of membership loss and take action to address those reasons why members are leaving.
    • Build a more flexible and adaptable organization with a major rewrite of the Society’s Constitution and bylaws to allow for rapid changes measured in months.
  • Reverse decline in membership:
    • Open up membership and organize governance to more disciplines
    • Change the membership dues structure to enable flexibility to individual member  needs. i.e Offer a Base Membership, then list key benefits that could be added to the Base Membership to design a membership that is attuned to that individual, with them paying only for what they want and need.