Science versus Governance

In running for District I Director, I think it is vital that the members within the District have a full understanding of things I believe need to be changed within the Society and an idea of what I’d like to champion if elected as your District I Director.

In my second Policy Statement, I want to express my thoughts around recent efforts to expand governance within the Society under the mindset that such governance is a primary focus of our members.

Personally, I feel that chemists and chemical professionals join the ACS for three key reasons:

  • The science,
  • For professional improvement and career expansion, and
  • To expand their professional network

I strongly feel that governance is not a top priority, with our members worrying about:

  • Who is representing them in governance,
  • How many are representing them in governance, or
  • Knowing that there is not one member in the Society not represented in that governance.

I might ask the question, if there was such concern, wouldn’t the number of members who vote in the ACS National elections be higher?  In the elections of 2020, just under 14.6% of ACS members chose to take part in the last ACS national election!

I propose that the Board of Directors, the Council Policy Committee and others in governance seek to place more time and effort in the programming for our members, in their career development, in the leadership courses offered and in expanded opportunities for members to serve on ACS Committees in order to refocus our time and effort in the science – and not the governance of the Society.      

This position statement, like the others, confirms my belief that the power of the Society needs to be in the hands of the members and in the strength of their Local Sections and Divisions.  The Board should be there to then serve those needs identified as important to and for the members.

As I stated in my position statement, I am not running for a “seat” on the Board – that seat is not mine to sit in.  That seat belongs to you – each individual member within District I.  I would rather stand around that table of governance and make a difference than sitting at it thinking it’s about me.  I am willing to do so for this 3-year term in honor of those who deserve to take that seat….you! 

Join me in making 2022 the first step on a new path forward for the ACS!