“These economic times have impacted many US workers over the past couple of years and many members of the ACS have also been affected by layoffs, reduced hours, temporary furloughs, etc. It is during these times that it is important to remember the value of the networking opportunities that a professional organization such as the ACS can provide.  I was impacted by a layoff at Kodak early this year as a direct result of the global economic crisis, and the prospect of finding a job, even as over half a million jobs were being lost each month, appeared daunting.  While cleaning out my old emails, I came across one from our local ACS chair. which he passed along from one of our councilors, Richard Cobb.  Richard had met someone from another company at a national ACS event who indicated their need for someone with dye chemistry experience.  I began a conversation with the contact from the other company, which, to make a long story short, resulted in my getting a job offer.  An offer for a job that never existed as a listing on a job board, in fact, a job that never even existed until the network conversations evolved.  And it all began with a chance meeting between two ACS colleagues, and the discovery through networking that a need which existed in one part of the country, could be met with an expertise that was no longer considered essential in another part of the country.

Richard Cobb has been active in the Rochester ACS section activities for many years, and although I never met him in person until after I had left Eastman Kodak, I feel my interaction with him is not an isolated instance, but part of his desire and commitment to helping others in our ACS community as well as the larger community in general.  Richard has helped me to remember that every cloud does have a silver lining.”

― Member, Rochester Section