“Richard is a great leader. He is organized and listens to those who share their thoughts and opinions. District 1 would be well served with Richard as District 1 Director.”

Member of the Eastern New York Section

“I have known Richard for many years following his devoted involvement for the benefits of ACS members. It was Will Rogers who said: ‘It is not enough to be on the right tract, you will be run over if you just sit there’.  Richard is the person who conducted his ACS activities with this principle in mind.  He was never satisfied with past accomplishments.  He was continuously searching for new ways to improve our Society for every member from the youngest chemists to the most respected prominent scientists; in both academia and industry.  His principle can be summarized in one short sentence: MEMBERS ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS.  He will carry his diligence and devotion to the Board of Directors. He will be an outstanding representative of District I.”

ACS Past President and Member of the Professional Relations Division

“Over the past five years Richard has contributed significantly to the mission of the Leadership Development System as a member of the Board Oversight Group (BOG) and the Pipeline Working Group and more recently as a facilitator of several system courses. My interactions with him on BOG convinced me of his high professional standards and innate ability to focus on the essence of issues and engage colleagues in tackling tasks.    Co-facilitating a course with Richard has been a joy and his humor can lighten the most serious moment.  His insight and commitment to providing the best for the membership is always paramount in his leadership efforts.  Without a doubt, Richard has the dedication, integrity, and experience necessary to be a District Director and will skillfully represent the best interests of District I.”

Professor / Member of the Chemical Education Division

“Richard’s devoted dedication to chemists and the chemical enterprise is only matched by his energy level and ability to tirelessly and effectively work with others to affect valued results for the benefit of ACS and its members”

Consultant to the Women Chemists Committee

“Having worked with him in various capacities, such as for example his chairmanship of several ACS committees, and his having been Chair and now Secretary of the Northeast Region Board, I have found Richard to be an effective leader, an articulate spokesperson for issues, and a valued colleague who has a delightful sense of humor.  He will be a refreshing face on the Board, and represent District I with distinction.”

Member from the Green Mountain Section

 “A Chinese Proverb states: “It is not the cry, but the flight of the wild duck that leads the flock to follow”.  Actions speak louder than words, and I have no doubt that Richard will make the ACS a stronger organization as a Director.”

Member of the Younger Chemists Committee

“When I think about Richard, I think about his dedication to the ACS and his ability to think clearly, express himself easily for others to understand him, and his outstanding organizational abilities.  Richard has a well thought out vision for how he wants the ACS to serve its members.  The committees I was on, under his leadership, moved to serve the ACS and its members in an efficient and organized manner.  He realized when it was time to move away from unnecessary duties and to move the committee to more useful responsibilities.  I would happily work with him again and am excited about the fact that he may be the next District I representative for the Board of Directors for the ACS.”

Member, New York Section

“Richard is open, honest, and puts the needs of the Profession and the Society above all else. He is approachable and willing to truly listen to everyone’s points of view before reaching a decision. It has been a pleasure serving with him and I am proud to support his bid for Director.”

Member from the Northeastern Section, ACS